On Saturday October 1st, I was fortunate enough to second shoot this gorgeous couples wedding with Holly McFarlane Photography & Design. The two of us have conquered 10 weddings together this year, and are nearing the end of our busy 2016 wedding season, with 6 weddings already booked for 2017, and one for 2018!

This wedding was an absolute dream to photograph - such a beautiful location, sweet couple & one of the most gorgeous wedding bouquets I've seen to date!

Here are a few of my second shooter shots from this day :)



10/12/2016 4:22am

Thanks to Mr.Cyle for post their wedding image that look so beautiful and I absolutely have a dreams to do like that. It is good for everyone to check out such style of groom which help to make photography. Thanks for share your outstanding photo via this article.

10/13/2016 5:26am

My best friend’s marriage came off in the last week of September. I had been especially invited to the occasion. So I reached my sister’s house full two days before the marriage-day. Preparations for the marriage were in full swing. Lots of things had been purchased, and the rest were to be purchased on that very day. My sister was very glad to see me. She took me with him for the purchases that day.

12/02/2016 5:54am

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02/04/2017 9:12am

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04/20/2017 5:57am

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