Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing this newly engaged couples e-session. Bre had so many great and fun ideas for this shoot, so I was thrilled when she asked me to be her photographer!

With DIY crafts, this shoot was certainly blog worthy, as there were so many little details that made this shoot so fun! The location - in the beautiful Rockwood Conservation area was so stunning. 

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day - hard to choose since there are so many great ones!



Meeting with some high experienced professors gives us chance to learn something special and most beneficent and we should not miss this kind of chances of meeting with them.

03/22/2016 2:38am

I love the way you clicked all the pictures of these good looking romantic and beautiful couple. I really do love these photography skills of yours because it shows all of their feelings emotions and everything. My photography skills improve with this article.


You managed to capture the best moments in the life of this happy couple. I think they get much of the pleasure and positive emotions from this shooting.

09/13/2016 5:00pm

was quite happy with the information in these pages, is quite interesting and very bergunaka once for me personally


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