Last night I was craving to do a shoot, so I tagged along with my friend Missy to an engagement shoot she had booked.

We started off doing photos in a wheat field, then finished near Conestoga Lake by the side of the road, where the lighting was just beautiful! This couple was a joy to photograph, as they required little to no direction when it came to poses.Here are a few of my favourite shots :)



08/02/2014 10:02am

Gorgeous! Nice job. Glad u could hang out and shoot with me!

04/06/2016 12:12am

With the development of time we can see progress into every department. In past times people engaged very simple even in some odd areas people don't prefer engagement. They directly married but all your above shoot looks awesome and best wishes for your new life.

09/13/2016 5:02pm

was quite happy with the information in these pages, is quite interesting and very bergunaka once for me personally


I really appluad your work and find it truly commendable! I wish this beautiful couple a very happy life and a very joyous one as well. Also, it would be an honor for me if you could do my engagement shoot as well, considering the subtle and beautifully candid shots you take!

02/04/2017 9:20am

So lovely. This is what I call to catch a right attitude.


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