In honour of the of 2014 Winter Olympics, my brother and sister created a mural on the massive snow banks just after our farm. Not only did the photo receive over 100 shares on Facebook, it has made its way onto the weather network channel as well as the Wellington Advertiser! Way to go Vanessa and Matthew for putting little Alma on the map!

Today my sister and I added a medal count that we hope will only continue to grou. It's so exciting seeing how amazing the Canadians are preforming over in Russia, and how patriotic Canadians become during these two weeks. Lets keep the cheer going! After all, we were made for this!
#wearewinter #sochi2014

Panoramic photo taken with my iphone


It’s a good feeling your efforts are recognized no matter how small it is. A picture posted actually went all the way to weather network channel. That’s great dear. You didn’t only put Canada on the map; you just built a stone for a building. Congratulations dear. Thanks for the post, I am motivated.

04/29/2016 4:02am

Great to have put your country on the map, or rather great to have added to the light that’s directed on your country. May our efforts continue to be rewarded and bring rewards to ourselves, country, and the world in total. Now I know my small efforts can attract a reward sooner or later.

Tuba butt
05/19/2016 5:57am

Indeed, it's was a great moment for you and your sister that your work have been recognized and appreciated, your work is a great reflect of your patriotism and I hope you will continue this great work but not only for your self but for your country.

06/01/2016 12:43pm

Canada is one of the most famous and important country and we can that Canada is very lucky because they have found very nice prime minister there. He do very well job and his best for his country.

02/04/2017 9:28am

We were made to be winners! Let's make this happen!


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