I've known Jess since middle school, and I couldn't be more excited for her and Ryan to be parents!
Jess was brave enough to do a shoot in the cold snowy weather a DAY before her due date! Thanks for such a fun shoot - you looked absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to meet your little girl, she's sure going to have some awesome parents!



04/24/2016 11:57am

I must say that she is quite brave as it is almost impossible to move freely just a day before birth and to move on snow to boot. These photographs are very beautiful and she looks stunning in these. I hope that her baby girl is all right.

09/13/2016 5:12pm

was quite happy with the information in these pages, is quite interesting and very bergunaka once for me personally

02/04/2017 9:29am

There were cold without a outwear! Don't get ill!

04/26/2017 12:17am

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