Aubree Olivia, 6 days new - my youngest newborn yet! This little dolly stole my heart, and was such a joy to photograph!

I have to say, this is definitely my favourite newborn session to date - not only because I'm extremely pleased with how the photos turned out, but because of the lovely people I got to spend the afternoon with. 

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the love two new parents have for their new child, and it was very evident just how much love Ryan and Jess have for baby Aubree. Congratulations once again on your beautiful baby girl, and thank you for allowing me to be apart of capturing memories.



Lynn Coverdale
02/28/2014 8:08pm

I look at these pictures as many times as I am on my computer, and I have so many memories! Aubree is a spitting image of her beautiful mother Jessica when she was a baby. There was a time that I thought that was so long ago, but with the birth of Aubree, its so fresh in my mind, and my memories are so clear. I thought I was sharing as much love as I was capable of...until Feb 17th. Boy was I wrong, my heart poured out for my precious Granddaughter, and I get tears in my eyes just thinking of her. It makes me so proud as a mom to raise such a great mom. I love you all so so much! xoxox

(Thanks again Chantel, you are very precious and special yourself :)

04/25/2016 7:23am

This little angel is so beautiful. It sure is a great feeling to capture this love and pure feeling through a lens for forever. The love that parent have for their child is the strongest and the only pure love that you will ever have in your life.

06/13/2016 10:49pm

Only 6 days born!!! Wow!!!

09/13/2016 5:18pm

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02/04/2017 9:26am

A new life had born. Just look at this innocent eyes.


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