I live on a dairy farm just outside in a little town. Spring is always my family's favourite time because it means they can work in the fields. I took this shot during the time my brother and Dad finally decided to stop for a bite to eat


So may be the green tea i buy in cans the same as the regular tea you’d buy to put in your morning cup? I’ve been told is just normal green tea created to be cooler, but does it have any affect as far as not speeding up your metabolism as quick as normal hot green tea?

05/11/2016 10:32am

Framing life is very much peaceful than than the city life and it also reflects on the people's mood. The farmers who live in farms are more happy and charming than those people who live in country life. Everything is responsible for that but the standard of living is very much different in both areas.

02/23/2017 5:03am

It is hard but really fun and healthy life. I'm jealous to you.


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